Acoustics & Sound Dampening Installations

From restaurants and coffee shops to office spaces and meeting rooms, Algonquin Acoustics is your sound treatment solution for any environment. We deal with noisy spaces, echoing rooms, and everything in between.


Many restaurants are unnecessarily loud and noisy. Unfortunately, this means it’s hard for patrons to enjoy their conversations or their dining experience—it might even mean they don’t come back! Fortunately, discreet acoustic treatment can do wonders to improve your customer experience, so diners come back again and again.

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High noise levels and distractions make it hard to work productively. Acoustic treatment can improve the employee experience, cut down on fatiguing distractions, make video and phone calls sound more professional, and much more.

Coffee Shops

Coffee shops are meant for working, talking, relaxing, grabbing a quick snack, or hanging out with friends. But by the time there are a few conversations going on, and the espresso machine is firing up, and the barista calls out an order, and the background music is playing, they can quickly get distractingly loud and full of noise. Acoustic treatment can turn down the harsh and unpleasant loudness while maintaining that essential sense of activity and life.

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Meeting Spaces

Intelligibility is critical in group meetings. A reflective, echoing, or improperly treated meeting room can be a barrier to productive meetings. Acoustic treatment can level up your meeting space, whether it’s a small board room or a large conference space.


Acoustic treatment comes in many forms. It can be acoustic panels hidden along the ceiling or discreetly on walls, or more bold designs that contribute to the room’s decor.

The goal of installing acoustic treatment is to reduce unpleasant aspects of the room’s acoustics (such as overall volume levels, echoes, or unpleasant resonances) while enhancing intelligibility (the ability to hear conversations).

Acoustic treatment comes in two broad categories. Diffusion typically consists of carefully placed hard surfaces which break up echoes and reduce a sense of “noisiness” while maintaining a sense of “space.” Absorption, on the other hand, consists of acoustical panels that trap sound and contribute to an overall “deadening” of the room at various problematic frequencies.

Used in conjunction, and professionally installed in appropriate locations throughout the room, these materials can make an environment feel just right—not too loud or hard to hear, while maintaining and contributing to a sense of spaciousness and activity.

We’ll work with you to make your space feel just the way you want!